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Visible Knowledge LLC helps companies preserve vital corporate knowledge before it melts away.

Common knowledge is easy to replace. Critical knowledge is hard to retain. Losing either can cost you money or put you out of business.

We focus on documenting invaluable critical knowledge from your top domain experts and key personnel. It can take companies years and millions of dollars to recover from losing this type of knowledge. We can also document your company's common knowledge if it has not been digitized before.


Critical Knowledge

  • expertise and judgment
  • how I think
  • know-what to do when everything breaks
  • know-what to do when no one has done this before
  • know-what really what matters
  • know-what can be safely ignored
  • know-why it works
  • know-why we do it that way
  • know-why we must not do it other ways
  • know-where all the moving parts are, and how to rearrange them in new, innovative ways

Common Knowledge

  • experience
  • what I know
  • know what to do when everything is working
  • know what to do because it happens all the time
  • know who to call when everything breaks
  • know-this
  • know-that


Contact us to discuss your situation. We can help your company prevent brain drain and preserve knowledgeSM.


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