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Common knowledge is easy to replace.

Critical knowledge is hard to retain.

Losing either can cost you money or put you out of business.

We help companies prevent brain drain and preserve knowledgeSM.

Visible Knowledge LLC can help your business retain critical knowledge before it melts away. 

Our process transforms tacit "invisible" knowledge from experts and into tangible "visible" knowledge that you can share throughout your business.

Our knowledge engineering services and turnkey solutions include:

  • knowledge acquisition
    • Legacy InterviewSM to extract key knowledge from your top-level experts
    • Discover and document critical knowledge
    • Elicits the know-how and know-why of your subject matter experts
    • The BIZRULES® VISION methodology to minimize the amount of time your experts need to dedicate to the knowledge documentation process
    • Training in knowledge acquisition and knowledge representation
  • knowledge retention
    • An interactive Expertise Blueprint that transforms critical knowledge                                into Visible Knowledge™
    • An interactive RuleMap that models business rules & simulates business logic
    • Transforms corporate knowledge into digital assets that can be shared and automated
    • Minimizes your risk of losing precious Intellectual Capital
  • knowledge management
    • Knowledge Explorer™ software to view, edit and share your knowledge Maps
    • Training in knowledge acquisition and knowledge representation
  • knowledge automation
    • In the future, if you need to automate the knowledge we document, we design and build custom knowledge-based solutions that share your knowledge inside the company or on the web

Call us to discuss your situation. We can help your company prevent brain drain and preserve knowledgeSM.


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